At Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC, we service a variety of customers from the Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas, each with specific needs.  These customers include residential home owners, realtors, property managers, gas suppliers and home inspectors to name a few.

Residential Homeowners:
We know as a residential customer, your home is the most important thing. We care about you and your home. As such, homeowner safety is our primary
concern at Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC. We will respond promptly to all calls regardless of their nature.   Call (717) 462-4687

At Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC, we understand that time is money. We will inspect, repair and clean residential and commercial gas fireplaces,  gas log inserts, gas log sets and gas space heaters before your client's closing date. When home inspectors or energy company inspectors “tag” a unit for possible gas/CO leaks, soot build-up, glass etching/discoloration, improper venting and/or ignition-system malfunctions, you can rest assured that you are referring your clients to the best. Our focus of providing quality service, combined with honesty and integrity, has made us the first choice of many clients. We’ll get the unit operating properly so you can sell that home! In doing so, we can safeguard the investment of every buyer while protecting the liability of every seller.
Initiate service by calling (717) 462-4687 and provide:

  • Home’s address
  • Lock-box combo (if any)
  • Closing date, and
  • Realtor’s name, phone and fax number.

Property Managers:
Fireplace manufacturers and utility companies recommend these gas appliances be serviced annually. As such, we at Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC provide premium annual maintenance service for apartment, condominium and townhouse complexes—whether the unit is occupied or a new tenant is about to move in. We also provide premium commercial gas fireplace,  gas log insert, gas log set and gas space heater inspection, repair and maintenance service to restaurants, hotels and clubhouses.  These include Hauser Estate Winery and Allenberry Playhouse and Resort to name a few.

Call (717) 462-4687 today to schedule a service appointment.


Gas Suppliers:
At Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC, we understand that service requests take time away from your already busy and overloaded service departments.  We can help by performing premium annual maintenance, inspection and repairing residential and commercial gas fireplaces, gas log inserts, gas log sets and gas space heaters, thus freeing up your service department's work load.  Refer a homeowner or realtor, property manager or home inspector in need of service and repair to our office at (717) 462-4687.

Home Inspectors:
At Warm House Gas Fireplace Service, LLC, we know today’s home inspectors are skilled at recognizing the signs of a troubled gas fireplace or gas log set. We compliment your services by serving as a top-drawer referral source in this highly specialized service and repair niche. Refer a homeowner or realtor in need of service and repair to our office at (717) 462-4687.



Annual Service Agreement
$279.00 Annual Billing Includes: 16 Point Inspection with cleaning, Reduced Labor Rate of $45.00 per hour in the event of a needed service call.

16 Point Inspection with Cleaning
$179.00 Includes Call Fee and Labor.

Repair Services / Labor Rates
$179.00 Includes Call Fee and Labor for Initial 1 Hour of Service.  Labor to be billed at $85.00 per hour thereafter.

Parts are NOT included in service labor rates or fee schedules and are in addition to service labor rates listed above.